Our Services

SCME can help you throughout the product development process.

At the beginning of the journey, SCME can assist with business case development, funding applications, and determining the best approach for your project. You can benefit from insightful inputs into your feasibility studies, ensuring that assumptions and estimates are on firm ground at the outset.

Moving into the middle of the development process, SCME can assist with:

  • Aesthetic design – The proposed look and feel of the product, ergonomics, customer value etc.
  • Concept design – ‘Blue sky’ ideation, manufacturing methods, material choices, proof-of-concept prototypes, functional requirements, compliance requirements, supplier engagement etc.
  • Detailed design – precision geometric detailing, best-practice 3D CAD models and specification drawings, design for manufacture, design for compliance, prototypes etc.
  • Analysis – Including structural FEM analysis to determine strength, performance and robustness. Moulding FEM analysis with Autodesk Moldflow Insight, simulating virtually all aspects of the injection moulding process
  • Photo-rendering – Allows you to see your product in ‘real life’ before committing to its manufacture, and allows you to present your idea to investors and other interested parties in a professional manner

For the later stages, SCME can design and create production jigs and machinery for the on-going efficient manufacture of your product.

Everything from simple assembly alignment jigs to fully automatic machinery.