Steve Cormack Mechanical Engineering (SCME)

Professional engineering services for new parts, products, and production machinery.

  • Assistance with business case development and funding applications
  • All aspects of product design from concept to completion
  • Analysis (including structural and Moldflow FEM analysis)
  • Photo-rendering
Steve Cormack Mechanical Engineering (SCME) helps you turn ideas into successful products.

SCME combines substantial experience with great design and meticulous attention to details. As a result, SCME and its clients have been awarded numerous national and international design awards.

We’re based in Hamilton (NZ) but can work with you remotely, keeping you up-to-speed on progress. We can come to you if working face-to-face is more efficient for your project.

Why choose SCME?


SCME can help your internal R&D team by getting things done without impacting resources or existing projects. Ideal when the workload is high, or when there is a great little project that just keeps getting sidelined due to other priorities.

Cost Savings

By working remotely, SCME frees up your computing resources and saves you money on overheads, while still giving you access to world-class mechanical engineering talent to complement your existing team.

For Entrepreneurs

SCME offers smaller businesses access to highly valuable mechanical engineering talent (including top-tier CAD software), without the costs, risks and paperwork associated with hiring staff.


Contact Steve for more information or to enquire about your upcoming project. We’re based in Hamilton but can work anywhere (remotely or site visits).

Open 8am – 5pm weekdays, and weekends by arrangement.